Get a Grip!

The beginning of the golf season is an exciting time but we tend to overlook a few things coming out of winter. 

When was the last time you checked your grips?

Why is the grip such an important part of the golf club? 

“The grip is the only part of the club a golfer actually touches. Often overlooked but in fact it is extremely important. Replacing one’s grips at the beginning of every season allows the golfers to hold the grip with minimal grip pressure which allows them to swing the club properly with acceleration. One simply cannot do this with grips that are glazed, hard, and slick.”

Please inquire in the golf shop to see if you would like your grips evaluated or new grips installed.

If we have the grips in stock we can usually have them finished within 48 hours.  If we have to special order the grips we quote 3-4 days to complete the install.

Grip prices will range from $7.00 to $25.00 depending on grip choice.