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Men's GAP Team Match Season Wrap-up

Congratulations to Honeybrook 2 and 3 teams for winning their sections in this year's BMW GAP Team Match competition, and kudos to Honeybrook 1 for fending off a challenge to remain in their division for another  year.
Honeybrook 2, captained by Skippy Gallagher, cruised to a 3-0 record in Division E Section 3 and easily handled Meadia Heights, Moselem Springs and Spring Ford. They'll most likely be moving up next year.
John O'Connell led Honeybrook 3 to a 3-0 record in Division F Section 1, but the win was a bit tighter. After dispatching with Sakima and Linwood in the first two week, Johnny O's men beat Waynesborough by 1 point, 27.5 to 26.5 to seal the deal in the final week.
The A Team, Honeybrook 1,  had a rougher season playing in Division A of this prestigious league that began over 120 years ago. Greg Blackburn's team, made up of Honeybrook's best players, failed to beat Merion and Mercer Oaks but closed with a decisive victory over Huntsville. Then, as is the custom in GAP Matches, they had to fight to retain their spot in the Division by holding their ground in a challenge match this past Saturday. Playing through the pelting rain, biting wind and temperatures in the 40's our guys  crushed Woodstone 37.5 to 16.5. Well done!Put quite simply - Our GAP Teams ROCK!  Congratulations all around.
We'll celebrate these victories, and recap all of the fun and competitions throughout the year, at our end of the season party. Stay tuned.