2014 GAP Team Matches

GAP logoWhat a great year for Honeybrook Golf Club and Golf Association of Philadelphia (GAP) Team Match competition!

Two of our three teams went undefeated and the third - while not scoring as well - fought galliantly against some great private club players. Two more GAP Team Match plaques will be hanging above the bar soon.

Our first team, Honeybrook 1, dominated its Division B foes, Woodstone, Silver Creek and West Chester, during the three week competition and finds itself in a playoff match this Saturday, May 10, against the Links Golf Club of Marlton, NJ. HB1 garnered the most points out of 64 Division B teams, earning the Top Seed for the Challenge match. Six of Honeybrook's best golfers head to the Garden State Saturday day as six Links players come to Honeybrook for the playoff match. The prize? the honor of moving up to the coveted GAP Team Match Division A for next year. Thank you to Team Captain Chris Terebesi for leading HB1 to victory!

Honeybrook 2 won its bracket as well - Division D section 9 - winning all three weeks against Llanerch, Hartefeld and Whitford. Team Captain Travis Good remarked on the great individual performances over the past three weeks, but said "the sum of the parts is better than the individual components" and pointed to a 27.5–26.5 squeaker win over Llanerch Country Club in week 2 as an example. HB2 now moves up to Division C for 2015

HB3, led by Lynn Stoltzfus, had a tougher year. After beating Coatesville in week 1, the Honeybrook team went up against the talented B teams of Conestoga Country Club and the Country Club of York. Although its nice to win, our players enjoyed the camaraderie and friendly competition from our adversaries, which makes the game of golf so precious to us all.

Congratulations to all the Honeybrook competitors!

Honeybrook GAP Team Match Members:

Christopher Terebesi (Captain)
John Kennedy
Charles Mann
Steve Blanken
Mike Breen
Jason Castaldi
Ellis Chandler
Douglas Zellner
Trevor Pope
Richard Umani
Greg Blackburn
Buzz Rothweiler
Justin O'Brien
Matt Seuffert

Travis Good (Captain)
Don Riley
Ed Castaldi
Scott Kershey
Pete Palmer
Warren Reyburn
Matt Seuffert
Randy Wright
John Muirhead
Mike Spishock
Geoffrey Gallagher
David Quindlen
John O'Connell
Mike Destefano
Lynn Stoltzfus (Captain)
Jim Barnett
Lou Ganem
Tom Piersol
Peter Horvath
Clive Fort
Chris Weber
Ned Scheffler
John O'Connell
James Augusterfer
Warren Howe
Davis Quindlen
David Herbine
Mike Dean
Mark O'Conner