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Junior Golf Instruction Team

DuaneDuane Lent
Coach, PGA
I love golf because I have a chance to meet awesome people who love golf as much as I do. I have made many lifelong friends as a result of being in the golf industry. During my 20 years of golf experience I won two golf tournaments including one that sent me to Orlando to play in the Buick Scramble National Championship. I've also been nomi-nated four times for Philadelphia PGA Teacher of the Year. My hobbies and likes are, cooking, photography, vacations, listening to music, and dining out. A fun fact about me is that I was a chef for 20 years prior to becoming a golf professional.
Steve Dizel
Steve2Golf, for me, is an endless source of enjoyment. I can do all things related to golf by myself or with others and continuously enjoy it. Playing, practicing, learning about, helping others with and conversing about golf are fun to do: I cannot stop myself. Thankfully! As a junior golfer, I won some tournaments. Played High School and DII College Golf. Captained both teams. As a parent/volunteer, have been teaching junior golf and coaching for over 30 years. Most recently, have been a volunteer assistant coach at Pequea Valley High School and have assisted with multiple areas of teaching and coaching at Honeybrook GC. I have 60+ years of golf experience. My hobbies and likes are eating everything my wife cooks and bakes! Family activities and gatherings, including all things related to grand kids are top-tier likes. Being a sports fan and doing fun activities with my sons and grand kids are additional major likes. Reading and lis-tening to pop music from my younger days are fun things I do frequently.
A fun fact about me is that I got a few days detention for skipping school to go to the 1963 U.S. Open at The Country Club in Brookline, Massachusetts. Got to see and fol-low Arnold Palmer! Detention was worth it! Another fun fact is that I never had a hole-in-one. Had a half-hole-in-one. Tee shot exploded the back of the hole, just above the metal cup: the ball came to rest overhanging the back lip
Jason Castaldi
Jason2I love golf because it's a great way to get exercise and spend time with family and friends. My entire family plays golf and I've made so many friends through the game. It's a continual challenge that makes you want to improve every time you tee it up. I've coached the Coatesville High School golf team for 17 years, helping many players achieve college scholarships and improve their games for the next level. Personally, I've represented Honeybrook Golf Club as a member since 2006, highlighted by a win in the 2019 Club Championship. I'm currently a 4-handicap and I have two hole-in-one's, including one on a par 4. Thirty-five years ago, I went to the golf course for the first time at the age of 10, only to be told I was too young to play. I kept practicing and made it onto the course the following year, shooting 116 for the first time. I enjoy all kinds of sports, not just golf. Hockey was my favorite for a long time before golf took over. Nowadays, books and movies keep me occupied, especially during the winter when the course is closed. I also like trying different restaurants with family and friends. A fun fact about me is that I drive a car that my dad won in a golf tournament by getting a hole-in-one!
Matt Stolzer
MattI love golf because of my grandfather. He got me into golf at a young age and ever since he showed me how to play, I fell in love with the game and have been involved with golf ever since! My biggest achievement in golf is winning one of my family golf tournaments the last two years in a row. I’ve never won the tournament before and as I got better at golf, I was putting myself in a position to win and I finally achieved that goal for the last two years. Winning the tournament wasn’t the greatest achievement during the tournament, but being able to make my grandfather proud in heaven meant more to me than winning the tournament. I have 5 years of experience playing golf but only 4 years of working experience in the golf industry. Some hobbies that I enjoy are spending time with my girlfriend, collecting sports cards, and playing golf with my family and friends. A fun fact about my self is that I was First Team All Chesmont Baseball my Senior Year of High School.
Thomas Harper
ThomasMy name is Tom Harper and I am a sophomore at the George Washington University studying International Affairs. I love golf because it's a sport that challenges you both mentally and physically. No matter how many times you play a round of golf, there will always be a new type of shot that you need to hit. This unpredictability makes golf one of the most unique and exciting sports to play. During my years on the Downingtown West Varsity team, I played as the Captain of the team and competed many years at Chesmonts. I was fortunate enough to move on to Districts and compete for my school there as well. I also played in various individual tournaments around Pennsylvania. I have played golf for 8 years. Outside of golf, I love to spend my time outdoors hiking and skiing! One fun fact about me is that I can speak Spanish and Farsi.
Joey Gangemi
Junior Assistant Coach
IMG 8898I love golf because it is a peaceful and really fun game to play. Another reason I love golf is that it is a sport where kids and adults can communicate with each other while playing golf. My achievement in golf is that I played two Drive Chip and Putt tourna-ments and I won 3rd place in the Drive category, 2nd place in Chipping category, and Overall 3rd place category at Applecross Country Club. I also played for the Philadelph-ia PGA Junior Tour for two years. Lastly, I made the All Star Golf team for the PGA Jr. League. I have four years of experience in golf, and many private lessons with golf pro-fessionals. My hobbies and interests include golfing, axe throwing, and being outside in nature. My fun fact is that I collect golf balls from every course that I play at, and so far I played at 16 different golf courses in my four years playing golf. They are Hon-eybrook GC, Coatesville CC, Tanglewood GC, Moccasin Run GC, Penn Oaks GC, Spring Hollow GC, DuPont CC, Downingtown CC, Applecross CC, Indian Springs GC, Rehoboth Beach CC, Westcott CC, Chester Valley GC, Blue Bell CC, West Chester GCC, and Moorestown FC.
Nate Shaffer
Junior Assistant Coach
NateI love golf because I can make new friends, meet new people, and challenge myself. Some achievements I have made in golf I have made would be shooting -1 at Penn Oaks in the first round of the All Star match, and making it to the second round at Blue Bell Country Club. I have 11 years of experience in golf. I started when I was 3 years old hitting golf balls at a local driving range where I met Coach Duane, and have been working with him since then. Some different hobbies and things I enjoy are: playing goalie for my soccer team, I love the beach, I love all the Philly sports teams, and my favorite drink is raspberry tea. A fun fact about me is I live 1 mile away from Hon-eybrook Golf Club and try to play 4-5 times a week.
Emma Gangemi
Junior Assistant Coach
EmmaI love playing golf because it is a fun sport to play and every time I play, I learn something new. I have been playing golf for 3 years now and I plan on continuing to play golf. I have played in the Philadelphia PGA Junior Tour tournaments and I have played in two Drive, Chip & Putt Tournaments in which I won 1st place in Putting and 2nd place in Drive, Chip and Overall score. Some things I like to do is spend time with my friends and draw. A fun fact about me is that I love to play in the snow and build Legos.
Michael Lent
Junior Assistant Coach
MichaelI love golf because I am able to help teach golf camps and golf clinics and play for our Junior League Golf Team. One achievement that I have in golf is that I won five Put-ting Championships during the Junior Golf Camps. I have been playing golf since I was 5 years old. My hobbies and likes include, playing basketball, PS5, the Sixers, the Eagles and playing with my dogs. A fun fact about me is that I have been to 15 differ-ent places which includes the USA, Canada & the Caribbean..
Seamus Connell
Junior Assistant Coach
9EBC8332 E5D1 4075 8113 38E89E913A66My name is Seamus Connell, I am 13 and in 8th grade at Lionville Middle School. I have 2 younger sisters that are 10 and 2 as well as a dog named Marina. My favorite thing about playing golf is the variety of the game - it’s never the same round twice and I also like that it isn’t fast paced. I have been playing golf for 5 years, includ-ing the spring and summer camps at HBGC and the PGA Junior League that I am par-ticipating in again this summer! When I’m not at school, I like to read, play video games with my friends, go to the driving range with my dad and swim during the summer. Two fun facts about me is that my birthday is 08/08/08 and I have 22 first cousins.
Benjamin Gangemi
Junior Assistant Coach
BenjaminI love golf because I get to let out all my stress and it is so fun to swing the club. I have been playing golf for 3 years and I have played in Drive, Chip, Putt Tournaments, PGA Jr. League and my family and I play golf a lot during the year. My favorite hobbies are playing golf, soccer and building Legos. A fun fact about me is that I like to collect Legos and when they break, I build new Legos from my imagination.
Claudia Gangemi
Assistant Junior Golf Coordinator
ClaudiaI love golf because it is a sport where my three children, my husband and I can spend quality time together and have fun while playing it. I have only been playing golf for 6 months, but I have been my children’s biggest golf cheerleader for 5 years! When not in the golf course, my top 3 hobbies are: hiking, paddle boarding and organizing! I love to travel to different places with my family, but specially to National Parks, National His-torical Sites and National Monuments! A fun fact about me is that I am excellent at parallel parking!